Rhonda has had intuitive gifts since childhood. Her readings are
highly accurate, and will provide you with practical information
and guidance. She does Spiritual Intuitive Readings, meaning
she uses empathy, intuition, channeling and tarot cards. She
gives you whatever information comes through.  The information
that comes through for you is unfiltered. Rhonda also does
Dream Readings and House Readings.  Rhonda is a Usui,
Karuna, Karuna Ki, and Komyo Reiki Master.  She teaches
Reiki, Akashic Records, Tuning Forks Level and many other
Spiritual Classes, including Tarot, Understanding Your Intuition
and Dreams.
Rhonda welcomes in-home Tarot Card parties, phone readings,
or e-mail readings. Rhonda can be reach for an appointment at
717-362-1478 / 717-649-2884  or by e-mailing
Rhonda also has an office at 4400 Linglestown Road, Suite 201,
Harrisburg, PA.  Office and parking are in the rear.
Mailing address is PO Box 802, Elizabethville, PA 17023
Please enjoy your stay at Dancing Moon Beam's site.
Spiritual Intuitve Readings
This reading can be purchased for up to 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Rhonda uses all her
gifts during this reading, she is a Psychic/Medium and uses Tarot Cards. The
readings help people looking for direction in life.  

Fairie Healing Readings
This reading is done once a week for 4 consecutive weeks through e-mail or snail
mail.  It will help you see what negative thoughts are being created within your life.
The Fairies will help you to find guidance that will bring you to a more peaceful
place within yourself and your life.
Tarot Card Parties
Rhonda does Tarot Card Parties!  If you have 4 paying guests you will recieve your
reading free!  She also does parties over the telephone if you live out of the area!  
She also allows you to hold the parties at her office, she has a room for the parties.  
You will need a certain amount of people due to the distance I have to travel.

House Readings
Do you suspect your home is inhabited by Spirits?  Rhonda will come to your home
to help you resolve and understand why spirits are present and what they want.
Usui Reiki
Founded by Dr. Usui,  Reiki is a Japanese Word meaning Universal Life Force.  It is a non-invasive form of
healing that is done on a fully clothed body.  It helps to heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Other Forms of Energy Degrees that Rhonda has is:
Usui, Karuna, Karuna Ki, Komyo Kai, Lavender Flame, Violet Flame, Sacred Flame, Dolphin, Dolphin
Triology, Angelic Light, White Dove, Sekhem-Seihim-SSR, and Golden Triangle Healing System, plus
many more not mentioned.

Sound Healing
Rhonda uses Angel Forks, Om, Tuning Forks, Sing Bowls, and chants to help open the chakra system.  
Rhonda is certified in using Tuning Forks.
All forms of healing are used during a healing session. Rhonda again uses all her gifts together in whatever
way she is directed by Spirit..
Rhonda is certified to use Tuning Forks, Om, and the Angel Tuners during a healing session.
I hope you have enjoyed your stay!  Reach for the Moon and Stars!  Make your Life your Own!    
Spiritual Intuitive
Fairie Readings
Tarot Card Parties
House Readings
Ion Foot Bath
Usui Reiki
Komyo Reiki
Karuna Reiki
Karuna Ki Reiki
Sound Healing
Tunning Forks
Angel Tuners

Spiritual, Reiki,
and Healing  

Basic Healing
Sacred Flame Reiki
Angeliclight Reiki
Lavender Flame
Violet Flame Reiki
If you have
interested in the
list of classes
Rhonda Teaches,
Please email her
and she will email
you the class list.