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Dancing Moon Beam   Rhonda Shomper
717-649-2884 or 717-362-1478
All Classes are held at Dancing Moon Beam, 4400 Linglestown
Road, Suite 201, Harrisburg, PA (in the rear of the building)
All Classes that have (**) behind their listing will only be held once this calendar year.  If you have any
interest in these classes please sign up for the class as soon as you can, due to limited sitting.  Also a
deposit of 25% must be paid at least 2 week before the class is held.  Some classes must have a deposit
paid six weeks in advance.  These classes have special needs that must be order or supplied so that I may
time the proper time to take care of these needs.  Deposit is non refundable, so make sure that you can
make these classes, seats will only be reserved for people that have paid their deposits.
717-649-2884 or 717-362-1478
If you have any interest in any of the types of the Reiki or
Spiritual Classes that are not listed please ask!
If you are interested in a list of all the classes that Rhonda teaches please email her and she will email or
mail you a list of all her lists that she teaches.   These classes may either be taught in anyone one of her
offices, or through email or mail.  If there is a class that you are interested and it isn't set up with a date to
be taught.  Please just ask!  She will gladly set up a date with you to hold the class.

I will be doing readings at:
Shades Spa and Salon
Feb. 5, 2019 Tuesday
201 East Broadway
Red Lion, PA
Please call them for an appt as appts are limited.

Michelle Hair Design
201 Cumberland Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
April 1, 3 and 4 2019
Please contact them for an appt.

Camellias Sin tea Parlor
36 West Pomfret Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
Sunday October 27, 2019

Sunday March 30, 2019 10 am to 3 pm  Usui Reiki Level I  $150.00
In this class you will learn how to do self-healing, and how to place your hands on others to help heal
through energy.  You will receive 1 symbol, 4 attunements, a handout book, and a certificate.  

Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 1pm to 7:30 pm $150.00
Psychics, with Crystals, and How to use your Intuition Level I
This class is a lot of fun!  You will learn how the energy from yourself and from others controls how things
happen and also why you feel what you feel!   You will learn to work dowsing rods, a crystal ball,
understand your intuition more, and many other little tricks to make your live easier!   You will also receive
a handout book.
Psychics, with Crystals, and How to use your Intuition Level II
This class you will learn a deeper meaning of your intuition how to test and find your guides, and help you
understand all the ways we receive intuition.  You will receive a handout book with this class.
Hearing and Healing Through Writing
Learn how to hear your Angels, and how to heal your inner most pain through writing.  You will receive a
handout book with this class
  Dreams and Reflection
This class will help you understand your dreams, and reflections in every day life that we miss or overlook.  
You will receive a handout book for this class.

Saturday February 9, 2019 1 pm to 7:30 pm Tarot Card Level I, $150.00
The Rider Waite Deck will be needed to take this class; you will learn the meanings of each card, and how
to have a relationship with the cards!  You will receive a handout book and a certificate with this class.

Sunday March 17, 2019  9 am to 1 pm  
Tarot Card Level II $65.00
This class will teach how do four major layouts that are used all the time doing readings.   You will learn the
Celtic block, 4-card layout, 7-card layout, and Monthly Layout.  You will also receive a handout book for
future reference and a certificate with this class.

Sunday March 31, 2019 at 1 pm to 6pm Usui Reiki Masters $350.00
This class you will receive Master Attunements, a hand out book, and a certificate of completion.  After
you take this class you will be allowed to teach Usui Reiki! You must have your Usui Reiki Level II to
take this class.  


If you miss two appts...without a 24 hour notice you will not receive another appt.

If you miss 1 evening appt without a 24 hour notice you
will not receive
another evening appt.

If you miss 1 weekend appt, I
can not give you another weekend appt.

I do not take checks, only Cash, Visa, Master Card or Discover Card.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this might create for you...but I have clients that
wait awhile for their appts and if you don't cancel your appt it is not fair to
the ones that would show up.